Creating a wedding day that reflects you and your other half as a couple can be challenging. Add to this the pressure to entertaining guests, whether that is a grandmother or tiny toddler, and you can see why brides often feel stressed. Have you considered photo booth rental?

Entertaining a diverse group of guests is difficult and with so many novelty entertainment ideas out there – how do you know where to start?

Throw in the fact that guests have incredibly high expectations of the experience at a wedding and you might start to worry a bit more about what entertainment to choose.

But that’s exactly where the Magic Mirror comes in!

The mirror has become one of the hottest wedding trends. And it isn’t hard to see why!

Our Magic Mirror combines amazing interaction and fun with the latest photo technology. Adding a Magic Mirror to your day will give you and your guests hours of fun and memories to last a lifetime.

The beauty of the Magic Mirror is that it can act as an icebreaker for shy guests who aren’t as comfortable in big groups. The plethora of props we provide and the interactive, touch screen mirror inspire interaction and before you know it your guests will be mixing and mingling. Old friends will reconnect while new friendships will be made whilst posing in front of the Magic Mirror.

So what do you get when you book a Magic Mirror?

Magic Mirror

Using the latest photo technology, our Magic Mirror delivers the highest quality images giving you and your guests the perfect mementos to take away from your wedding reception.

Tapping into the selfie craze and our love affair with social media, the Magic Mirror takes selfies to a whole new level.

Guests will love the group selfie fun and won’t be able to resist going back to the Magic Mirror and posing, laughing and chatting about the images they’ve created together.

How it works

At first glance, the Magic Mirror looks like a standard mirror. But take a step towards it and you will see and hear that this is a mirror like no other. Using state of the art photo booth technology, the Magic Mirror not only takes photos but also gives guests the chance to sign, add graphics or brand every image.

The technology behind the mirror is also designed for full interaction with advanced technology that allows guests to control the fun with hand gestures or their voices.

Special features

Our Magic Mirror has some additional features that make it even more impressive:

  • The fully interactive touch screen lets guests leave personal messages or sign their images
  • New and exclusive beauty filter allows guests to look their very best
  • A range of games to be played giving guests the chance to go head to head and interact even more
  • Option to create videos and also video message means guests who cant be there on the night can still be included in the fun
  • Social sharing facility allowing immediate sharing to social media channels or online gallery
  • Unlimited photo sessions, giving hours of fun

And at the end of the day or night, each guest will have a printed photo memento to take home with them.

What is the guest experience like?

As an individual or group of guests step closer to the mirror they will be presented with their own reflection.

Just like a normal mirror. But that is the only similarity.

Animations will appear on the screen inviting you to touch the mirror. This activates the mirror’s full capabilities and if you have programmed it, customized messages will appear as well as a countdown to the camera flashing!

The fun and games begin as guests interact with the mirror, utilizing our range of props and filters to create their own bespoke images. Unlimited prints are available and we also offer an online gallery where you can view all the images from the mirror. With social sharing, you and your guests will also be able to share images directly to social media using your own predefined hashtags.

As you start to plan your wedding entertainment make sure to think outside the box and choose an interactive element that will break the ice, bring different age groups together and create memories to last a lifetime.

A great party starts with great entertainment! Contact us for some inspiration today!

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