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Make more than an entrance at your wedding

Getting to the church isn’t just about being on time. Yes, of course, a bride hopefully doesn’t want to keep her groom waiting, too long, but that’s not all there is to choosing your wedding transport. In fact, more and more brides, and even grooms are opting to make...

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Setting a wedding budget

A wedding is probably the biggest event you will ever organize. But that doesn’t mean you have to go mad and throw all your savings at it. In fact, unless you’ve recently come into a lot of money, you need to make a plan now so you don’t run up debt trying to put on a...

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Top wedding venues in North Texas

From big budget to low key, every wedding is as unique as the couple getting married. And when it comes to choosing your venue, you want to pick a special place that reflects your style and personality as a pair. Whether you are looking for casual and cozy, to elegant...

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Reflections of love

Creating a wedding day that reflects you and your other half as a couple can be challenging. Add to this the pressure to entertaining guests, whether that is a grandmother or tiny toddler, and you can see why brides often feel stressed. Have you considered photo booth...

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